Sven-Olof Enfors, PhD
Prof. emeritus, biochemical technology

School of Biotechnology
Royal Institute of Technology (KTH)


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The new UnPlot2
data scanner is now available (see below)

Textbooks for downloading

Enfors: Fermentation Process Engineering. Theoretical basis and methods of simulation and control of fermentation processes with emphasis on microbial fed-batch and continuous cultures (99 pages). View list of content or download the booklet (.pdf / 8.4 MB):
To receive a download link, send an (empty) email to, and you will receive an automated reply containing a download link.
A new extended version of this booklet will be available here during 2016.

Enfors: Food microbiology. An introduction to the ecology of microbial food spoilage, and food preservation methods (94 pages). View list of content.
Download the booklet? (.pdf / 8.3 MB). In order to receive a download link, send an (empty) email to:, and you will receive an automated reply containing a temporary download link.

MATLAB tools for downloading

     SimuPlot 4 (December 2015  NEW! )
SimuPlot 4 has been updated
and tested to work on MATLAB versions 2012b, 2014b, and 2015.
It has been tested on both Mac and Windows.

A MATLAB toolbox for simulation and data plotting with multiple individual axes. SimuPlot is primarily developed for simulation of fermentation processes like fed-batch cultures and chemostats. Also other simulations can be performed by entering user specified models in the SIMSPEC-file that specifies the simulation.

No previous experience of MATLAB is needed to run the included simulation files.

The simulation graph here illustrates start-up and control of a fed-batch fermentation process. When the initial substrate (S) was exhausted after 6 hours a constant feed (F) of concentrated S- solution was started, which stabilized DOT, and switched biomass (X) increase pattern from exponential to approx. linear. At 9 hrs the flow rate F was doubled.

For more info about plotting and simulation functions of SimuPlot 4,
and for free downloading of SimuPlot4: press here

Simulation of a fed-batch culture

UnPlot2  NEW data scanner (Februari 2016)

A new MATLAB toolbox for converting graphical data to numeric tables: Scan a graph with data plots, or make a screen dump of a figure. Save the figure in .jpg (or other graphic) format. Open this file with UnPlot2. Calibrate the axis, and point with the mouse on the data points, or scan a selected plot in the graph. Save the numeric values as table in a file (.txt) that can be opened in Excel, MATLAB, or other softwares for further handling.

For more info and downloading UnPlot2: press here

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