Simulation with fedbatch_kla.fig

X: Biomass concentration; S: Substrate concentration; DOT: Dissolved oxygen tension; my: Specific growth rate; F: Feed rate;
RPM: Stirrer speed; Q: Aeration rate

A demonstration to illustrate how the control parameters substrate feed rate (F), stirrer speed (RPM), and aeration rate (Q, L/min)) influence DOT and growth in a fedbatch process started with a batch phase.

The parameters and model do not represent any specific organism but correspond approximately to an E. coli assuming no overflow metabolism (growth on glycerol) and fully aerobic metabolism.

The KLa simulation gives typical data for a lab-scale STR. This model can not respond correctly to un-conventional aeration and stirrer rates.

Use the command "help klasim"to get the model used for KLa calculation.
For further info on KLa calculations, see Ferm. Proc. Eng. Chapt 6.6 (

For information about model equations and parameters: Open the SIMSPEC-file fedbatch_kla.fig, available in the SimuPlot toolbox.

Updated 2015-02-01