Simulation with chemostat_ss.fig

Xv: Viable iomass concentration; Xd: Dead biomass concentration; S: Limiting substrate concentration;
DOT: Dissolved oxygen tension; rX: Biomass productivity; my: Specific growth rate;

This simulation calculates steady-state values of state variables in a chemostat at different dilution rates. The results are plotted against the dilution rate (D=F/V).
The max specific growth rate was set to 0.75 h-1 in this simulation and therefore cell concentration becomes zero above D=0.75 h-1.
More variables (e.g. dead biomass, a non-limiting substrate concentration, and a product concentration )are calculated in the simulation, but not shown here. The file includes the option to study also the effect of biomass re-circulation.

The model permits also simulation ofthe effects of cell recirculation.

For information about model and algorithm: See the Comments of chemostat_ss.
For information about parameter values in this simulation: Open chemostat_ss.fig, available in the SimuPlot toolbox.

Student exercises.

Updated 2014-01-09