Simulation with Astat.fig

X: Biomass concentration; S: Limiting substrate concentration;  DOT: Dissolved oxygen tension; my: Specific growth rate;

D: Dilution rate, CO2 and O2: outlet gas concentrations

This file simulates a accelerostat (Astat) in which the dilition rate constantly increases with time. The kinetic models used here are approximately the same as those in fedbatch_Cmole. With the parameters used in this simulation, my=D except at high dilution rate.

Unstructured models are used, which do not take into account the intracellular changes caused by the changed growth rate. Therfore it can not be concluded that true steady-state exists even when my=D.

For information about model equations and parameters: Open the SIMSPEC-file Astat.fig, available in the SimuPlot toolbox.

Updated 2015-02-01